My experience with the 3-Week-CRUD …

Holy Cow!  I am coming out the rainbow-unicorn-end of the URI CRUD that has been plaguing my county forEVER!   I have a new appreciation for anyone that has a headache – or any pain – that ibuprofen cannot conquer (or at least TOUCH!) … My saving grace?  I take diphenhydramine (Benadryl) just about every day.  Thus, I am 28 hours out from brain-death-CRUD … alive to annoy another day … and well rested after my latest 12+ hour coma (sleep), so my version of the crud lasted about 5 days. (Super-nurse powers …)

Moving a bit slower, but finally getting my week started … I have photos.  First up, Kumihimo: My ‘Fall Flowers’ bracelet, Picasso bracelet and a kumi-fish … because I can!


clayton-hill-kumihimo     beaded-fish

And squishy-faced babies, who are now 6 wks old, so much fun and full of puppy-breath:

neo pup 6 wkssexy and I know itcant catch meblue pup 6 wks

I’ll leave with some beautiful pictures DH caught with his phone:

my-lilac-bush-catches-butte barn-photo our-skyline

WWU – the Fourth of July weekend was not too bad (I think … I was suffering from brain-liquefying head pain) … Only one legal-blood-draw, no fire-work injuries, and a parasitic bug (tick) removal that I recall … so not bad.

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