Cleaning and procrastinating …

DH is helping me get back to glass … He built a new work station with MEGA frit storage.  Awww – check it out!  (Not quite done … but close enough for photos!).  The other end has larger cubbies to store all of my enamels!  SWEET!!!  Thanks, Honey!



So, while I haven’t fired up the kilns just yet, I am cleaning the studio (in between some other projects).  I’ve also organized my chainmail supplies, which means I stumbled on a forgotten project (Elemental Chain by CWilson) with 3mm (umm, TINY)  Crystaletts:


I eased into the bracelet, by working a smaller version pendant:


I also pulled out supplies to work on a beaded bracelet, crystals and pearls … pretty.  It gives my hands a break from forcing stainless steel into shape (… I’m sporting chain maille blisters).  Ouch!

beaded-bracelet-WIP   chainmail-blister-hands

The best news (beyond a cleaner studio … I KNOW, right??) … Friday is a pool/sun day!  Woohoo!!!


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