Birthday Twins

birthday-twinsThe twins turned 18 years old yesterday.  Yep, the BABIES!  While I realize as a parent, my job is never really over – and, the twins still have their senior year of high school to navigate … But, can I just say – HOT DIGGITY DOG!  I win!!!  No one is pregnant, in jail, on drugs … they’re all healthy, smart, beautiful ADULTS!!!  Winking smile  Happy Birthday to my babies!

It was a laid-back kind of week (lots of sunshine/pool time).  The pups are moving on to their new homes, with a few more flying out later today.  New extended family in KS, FL, NY, IL and Canada …


The only ‘studio’ thing I got accomplished this week was a bit more cleaning/organizing, and this kumi necklace.


So, feeling a little lazy, a little sad, and … CONTENT!  Smile  Now to prepare for a weekend of fun-filled ER nursing …


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