Finally …

Finally have the kiln running on a regular basis … oh how I love this!  In between quick projects, I am working on more complex pieces.  And – I have a Valentine’s Day idea or two I’d better get working on…

Meanwhile – I am still researching all things embossing … Need to get DH to hook me up with some ‘man-tools’ – a metal bender thingy and some sheet metal (flashing, I think he called it), but he is suffering from an out-of-place back at the moment … So, in between nursing him back to health, I’m researching … And taking pictures:

I don’t know if I’ve salvaged the rose night light or not – but it’s a little better:

Fused glass flower night light

Here’s the finished Psychedelic Night Light – hope to get it listed in the shop(s) soon:

Psychedelic Night Light

And that ‘coral bowl’ blank I made several months ago is getting it’s turn in the kiln as I type.  Here’s hoping she turns out nicely …


But now, it’s time to take pictures of the pups, who are two weeks old now and have finally opened their eyes … Will post photos of the fat little bundles soon!

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