Heat wave … and other news

Got a reprieve from the electric company … maybe they felt bad for me?  With the kilns kicking, I’ve got to be a good customer, right?  Anyway – power’s back on as of Tuesday night!  YAY!!  I spent some time realizing I would not have done well in pioneer days …

Up at 5am this morning to send pups off to their new homes … Always worries me – and I track their progress as they fly.  We now have new extended family in Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina – and the pups did great!

Due to internet shopping withdrawals, I placed an order for some sublimatables … I had to – it’s not my fault!  Smile  Decorated/personalized dog collars, aluminum water bottles, night lights, and glow-in-the-dark tiles coming soon …

Had to run my marble mobile toppers 3 times to finally get them to the right tack fuse, but I now have 9 more ready to form into actual toppers … and the kiln is keeping the studio nice and ‘toasty’ with round-86 of my bottle experiment.

Got through my DARN-SANE call for the week – now nothing to do but stay cool during our heat wave … and mentally prepare for the weekend … maybe a beer would help?!?

heat wave

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