Karate Kid–part IV … weekend wrap up

That’s the take home visual for the weekend …

Here’s the scene:  3 nurses trying to catheterize a centurion female (100+ years old!) patient for a urine sample.  One might assume, due to her age she would have decreased mobility and flexibility!  Wrong!!  In the midst of this sterile procedure, Great Grandma yells out – startling everyone – while kicking one of her legs all judo-style, to have it land on the lead nurse’s shoulder (the one with the catheter), and simultaneously grabbing the second nurse’s butt with her hand and squeezing!  The third – seasoned/veteran nurse (read: OLD) has complete control of the patient’s other leg, and a great view of the scene as it played out.  I do believe the patient executed a near-perfect horizontal Karate Kid ‘crane kick’!!  Most impressive … and funny as hell!  We won’t talk about how the seasoned nurse found it impossible to stay professional and NOT laugh out loud!!  Smile  And – important to note: No harm came to the patient.  The nurses will be fine in a week or two …

crane kick     crane-kick-face

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