It’s Potty Time … AKA Weekend Wrap-Up

Managed to get through the weekend with limited pain from the patients of Easy Rider.  Did have a few memorable moments … this one sums it up best, I think:

A 6 foot, “220 pound” (mmhmn, yeah – and I weigh 120 pounds!) GENTLEMAN – who just happened to be in ‘the vicinity’ of Easy Rider, and was “minding his out ‘binessss’” – when SUDDENLY he was maced by ‘security’ (read: POLICE) … While he MAY have dropped the ‘F-bomb’ a few (DOZEN) times, he “didn’t do anything wrong!”  But you know what – “That mace BURNS!” 

Yes.  Yes, it does.  Of course, putting your mace-soaked clothes back on doesn’t help (put the GOWN I gave you back ON … PLEASE!!).  Mace is supposed to be uncomfortable.  It’s meant to be a deterrent.  The ER will not place you in a drug induced coma until it wears off …  Go HOME, take a SHOWER, go to SLEEP (and SOBER up!) … The patient and I went ‘round and ‘round for a bit (=20 minutes), but then he accepted the fact that no narcotics would be administered tonight … 

And then it was Potty Time (or maybe we should call it the ‘BePissing Hour’) … The magical hour in the middle of the night when geriatric patients wake up to go to the bathroom – and then it hits them.  They suddenly decide they don’t feel good … To wrap up this fun-filled weekend, our department administered TWO (!!) life-saving ENEMA’s that night …  You know it – GOOD TIMES!!


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