Moving Right Along …

A good, productive day.  Plan C looks to be working – should be able to share some photos soon.  Got most of the work competencies done [heavy sigh].  And, I’m getting pretty good at this wire-wrapping stuff, if I do say so myself …

You know you’re married to an alright guy when:  (Forget feminine health care products … ) HE goes to the store for you to purchase jump rings and beads … Smile  Of course, it might have been because he didn’t want me stepping foot in an art supply store – but, I was on a roll in the studio, so … I’ll hit the store next week.  Winking smile

Also had time to take more photos:

Dichroic-tree-ornaments  grinch-ornament-set

The coffin is running with slumped bottles, the production kiln has ornaments cooking.  I like it!  I made a large (stock) pot of potato soup, played with all the kids (both two and four-legged), and I spent some time in the future studio – mentally designing and configuring.  Yep, a good day!

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