New projects unveiled …

So – here it is … I can take your digital photo and turn it into glass jewelry … IN COLOR!  Here’s what I did for a friend – a badge reel and magnet of her baby, Miss Molly!

molly   DSC09061

And here are some badge reels that I was playing around with as prototypes:

support ribbonangry bird badge reelangry bird pig

There are some limitations … the photo needs to be of one central item (i.e. NOT a busy background with lots going on), and of good quality (larger file size) or the image will be fuzzy/grainy … But – how fun!  Pendants, pins, magnets, badge reels, ornaments … Oh my! Smile

And here are pictures of the other projects I’ve been playing with – ornaments and slumped bottles (scroll bottle bowls and large magnum bowls):

 green-scroll-bowl DSC09077 magnum-bowls

Now it’s time to shift gears, step away from the studio and be a nurse … [sigh] … OK.  Let’s get this party started!

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