Good Cop/Bad Cop … AKA WWU

While I had many patients this weekend – some sweet, cute and/or overall pleasant – I also took part in the care of an out-of-control teenage behavioral-medicine patient … Of course, that’s the one that won’t leave my head.  Very sad.  Due to life’s circumstances, she’s had a tough time of it.  However, that does NOT justify cursing like a sailor and screaming at the top of your lungs in an ER (requiring 3 officers on stand by), just because you aren’t getting your way … While I watched a [much] younger, newer nurse struggle with ‘bonding’ with this patient, I felt compelled to step in and play the ‘bad cop’ … tough love, setting limits, establishing consequences … and getting results.  It temper tantrumcertainly felt like this was the first time this young adult was exposed to my type of care.  While she was most definitely vocal about her objections, we were able to work our way through her emergency room needs.  It bothers me, how many children I see controlling parents by way of their bad behavior … I believe it’s contributing to a generation of kids that lack impulse control, anger management and coping skills … overall poor mental health!  Very sad! 

Studio News:  I have a hankering to make some large platters and bowls – fall colors, greens/purples and bright Caribbean colors.  I think I’ll spend some time this week working on those … as well as continuing with ornaments and painting.  And – I’m hopeful DH and I are close to deciding on and locating the new studio flooring.  Something durable that won’t cost a fortune!  Hmmm … I can dream, right?!  Smile

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