Crummy – but working on it …

Had a first for my little rural county last night … 2 back-to-back SANE calls from unrelated assaults.  Our program provides treatment for rape victims 13 yrs old/older.  Both of my patients met criteria, but barely … OMG!  What is going on with my community!?!  This will require major therapy (shopping) for me … and I’ve locked myself in the studio.  Of course, I’m still on-call for the next 6 hours …

spoon-rest-blankIn an effort to help me through my depressed mood over the state of our society, DH changed the blade in my ring saw to a ‘super cutter’ … I can now slice through quarter inch glass like it’s nothing … It helps.  I’m cutting blanks for bright, colorful future spoon rests.

Ran both kilns yesterday (the studio was quite toasty through the night) … a de-bubble program for the coffin and a new blank from the production kiln.  Here’s the latest blank … I was shooting for bright, Caribbean colorful.  It’s pretty and colorful, but doesn’t exactly have that “Caribbean” feel … Hmmmm …

colorful-bowl-blank latest-bowl-blank

And I have some new ornament ideas I’m trying to work through from a production standpoint.  Keeping myself busy … Yeah, it helps.  This pic does too … Smile


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