Another weekend bites the dust … AKA WWU

Thank goodness!  I found myself wondering too many times this weekend, “What were/are you thinking?”  Such a wasted thought process!  From high-school intoxicants (who have school suspensions, legal ramifications and loss of driving privileges to face) to fellow health care workers and some of the things they say or do … People are amazing.  And tomorrow morning is the DARN SANE meeting – arrrgh!  The good news is I’m meeting up with an old friend later in the day … that’ll help!

But in the meantime, I enjoyed a few minutes out on the partially-constructed studio deck this evening … I have pictures:

deck-views studio-deck studio-renovation=mess

There’s (obviously) still a LOT of work to do – but I can see it completed (in my head – fighting for space with all the other images and voices up there).  Overall consensus, we [the voices and I] will love it!!  Smile  It’s 12 feet off the ground, and has such pretty views – especially this time of year.  We’ll be finishing up the deck and making flooring decisions this week.  Then I can start choosing wall colors, while continuing to bag up the trash and clean up the junk.

(Current) Studio news … not sure.  The next few weeks are going to be tied up with (tons of fun) meetings and competency in-services for work.  They drain me (already!) … so I’m not feeling so creative or inspired.  I’ll work on it …

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