Productively non-productive …

It’s been that kind of a week.  Lots of running around, researching, cleaning, meetings, commiserating with friends … all good (and needed!), but … my warm glass studio is cold this week.

It’s been a yo-yo kind of week emotionally too … from DARN SANE to a childhood friend [when we were kids, we’d meet daily and talk non-stop.  As adults, we meet up every few months … and talk non-stop]; Excitement over designing the new studio to worry over the budget/costs involved; Happiness for our oldest son, who turned 17 years old today, to (the annual) depression over the loss of my ‘baby’ and the realization that I’m old …

We’ll be heading out to the home-improvement super-store to order cabinets and flooring, then wrap-up the day/week with a birthday celebration.

birthday celebration

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