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Murrini Madness … and more glass!

I’m working on more coe96 cane colors.  We had a pull tonight, and here is our ‘Pumpkin’ murrine: I’ve cut glass for SEVERAL more pulls (… I was in a cutting mood!) … I have a few of the stacks prepped.  I… Read More

Having a clean studio ROCKS!!!

I have three kilns running and more projects planned.  What a productive week … I worked on some jewelry, wrapping up a custom cab order.  Here’s a double dichro dragonfly pendant moving along (in the kiln now for a fire-polish) and a… Read More

Winning some & losing some …

But playing in the studio with glass powders.  While wearing a niosh-approved face mask.  While sick.  And still very-much claustrophobic.  Moving on … Step one has some potential successes …. I lost/killed another Betty Boop – this time too hot and too… Read More

Glass-On + Viral Overload = Huckleberry

Or – SLOW MOVING … But, it’s moving, so I’m not going to gripe. OK, I am gonna whine.  But – ya know – I’m NOT calling an ambulance … So, in my saintly-stoic/virally-saturated-world – while I patiently wait for the meningitis to consume… Read More

Chuggin’ along …

While I feel like I’m barely moving, I am producing.  I’ve been taking pictures and working on listings (not my favorite) in between playing in the studio.  Here are some photos from today:     And, while we wait to hear about… Read More

Moving Right Along …

A good, productive day.  Plan C looks to be working – should be able to share some photos soon.  Got most of the work competencies done [heavy sigh].  And, I’m getting pretty good at this wire-wrapping stuff, if I do say so… Read More