Glass-On + Viral Overload = Huckleberry

Or – SLOW MOVING … But, it’s moving, so I’m not going to gripe.

OK, I am gonna whine.  But – ya know – I’m NOT calling an ambulance … So, in my saintly-stoic/virally-saturated-world – while I patiently wait for the meningitis to consume me, I’ve become acutely aware of a group of abdominal muscles that I haven’t spent ANY time with for the last decade or so, whilst I slowly exsanguinate from soon-to-come hernial evisceration.  Because … currently, I can’t even soak my troubles away to ease the pain of coughing up my entire intrapulmonary system … Add to it all – I’m having technical difficulties with one of my plotters.  Grrr! [Translation:  I’m sick … I also managed to find/ strain a muscle in my belly with my ever-present Tuberculosis-esque coughing; my hot tub heater died so I’m waiting for the replacement part to arrive; and my Sissix Eclips is being finicky while I am trying to perfect a new project … GGGrrrr!]

But, I have ibuprofen … and wine … and really cute puppies!  So, I’m moving – slowly.


Between the Sizzix and CE5000, I have progressed with a few of my new ideas … [cue: fuzzy, crummy snapshot]


And, I did confirm today that we will be at the Arts & Greens show (Bogie Lake Greenhouse) in one month’s time – November 21 & 22, 2015 … [At present, I’m too zombie-wanna-be to panic.]


As soon as I’m well enough, I plan to make a ginormous pot of my chicken soup.  (In the meantime, I’m staying up on my fluids with my wine … Umm,  it started as full-of-vitamin C/good-for-you juice!)  So that by the end of this week, I can go back to ground-zero my ER and spread the wealth care for my community … [That same place that coughs and spews – via EMS (taxi) transport … cough, groan, SNARL … sip, gulp, CHUG …]

healing-soup    giant-vat-wine

ambulances-ER tuberculosis-val-kilmer-doc virus-ground-zero

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