I’m running out of time!

Arrgghh!  But – what else is new???  … It’s ok … 

See how well the [almost older, and OBVIOSLY wiser] me can handle frustration like that?  Yeah, well … I’m working on it.  Here’s what we have up next: Christmas plate for 2016


More POF in the works … Thank you, Lena!  My spoon rests and night lights waiting for kiln time …


Impromptu decision to play with Glass-Glo.  (Wet, dry – and waiting for kiln time … and fiddled with it to add alcohol ‘spots’ … DOH!)

glass-glo waiting-for-fusing

And – my birthday present (hopefully) … an island – which matches a few of my other studio pieces … Thanks DH! [Oh, I’ll find someplace to squeeze it in up here, don’t you worry!]  Smile


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