I’m Not Dead … Yet ;)

Sorry for the really long lapse between postings.  The reasons are varied, but combine busy-overload bday2019with creative funk, along with a bit of cleaning and reorganizing.  And … officially entering my 5th decade of life.  OUCH!

My family knows me so well … And they all came to celebrate with dinner and cake at our favorite restaurant.  Unfortunately, DH cut Grandpa T out of the photo, but here is a pic of the rest of our gang (also minus the photographer – DH…).  I feel so blessed!


Creamy-Tortellini-SoupThen DH and I tried a new soup recipe – Spinach Sausage Tortellini Soup.  I thought I’d love it, but … no.  I’m not sure who likes giant pasta clots in their soup.  I now know tortellini is not for me! [Not my photo]

We had some craziness this summer/fall with many puppies arriving all at once.  It was a challenge and a test of our years of whelping/caring for canine skills/knowledge, and I hope to never be tested that way again … Our moms and pups did great and we our down to our last baby, named Brutus (Beefcake).  Here he is ‘striking a pose’ for the camera.


I did a bit of stamping this week.  I’m really trying to get my stamps organized in a user-friendly format. It’s an ongoing work in progress …  Here I’m trying the WRMK stamping-11-8stamp press with turnabout stamps … not so successful.  (In my head, it made perfect sense … still not sure why it failed to automatically line up!  Doh!)  And – you can see a bit of the new shelf that runs along the middle of my large work table, adding more ready-to-use items in a somewhat organized fashion …

I have also prepped a dozen spoon rests, cut for night lights (rainbow and Christmas trees – no photo) and worked on a special request badge reel (Certified Vet Tech) … neat!

sprst-november   cvt-cabs

As part of my birthday present, I have a crate of my most-used fusible glass on its way.  Being 50 um … 29(!) has some perks!  Smile  Thank you, DH!

Next up – a weekend of ER nursing fun.  Hugs Y’all!  heart-emoji

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