Mildly progressive …

Yep – I’ve been a mildly progressive  BUM this week!  I was helping DH with our pups, moving along stamp identification, making glass, cooking – oh, and catching the last rays of summer sunshine!  [While Monday was cooler temps – so far we’re 5/5 days in the pool and I hope to add one more day TODAY!  Gotta love our pool cover with Indian summers!]

It was a good week!  Here are some photos.  Chicken stir fry (loosely based on this recipe – thank you Sara!); bulldog LOVE; Halloween-requests (more to come); and Neo babies!


We have an old shed on our property that was taken over by a GIANT HIVE OF BEES … DH called the Magic Bee Family (a local listing he found in our area, with my own magical name) – a father and son crew who came and rehomed the entire hive!  Thank you Magic men!!!


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