Baby Steps … Win the Race?

Well no.  But they keep you moving forward.  Our time is so segregated these days – but it’s all good!  So, I’m reporting on a little of this and a little of that!

I have managed to do a couple of things in the studio.  Speaking of which – here is a reverse view from one of our cameras … showcasing my studio (upstairs – and his man-cave downstairs)!


Anyway – I need to create a few glass items for orders/requests. So, I put together some Christmas Tree ornaments, which are finishing in the baby kiln as I type.  I also have a few enamel covered night lights drying (in preparation for sand-blasting), and I’m working on a batch of Snowman ornaments, and prepping more batch spoon rests … “Holiday Shopping” has begun, PEOPLE!  I’m also making progress on my stamp inventory.  I’m about 1/2 way there … Thank you sweet baby Jesus!  This is some TEDIOUS work.  But I’m hoping it will help me with speedy/concise card-making when it’s done …


DH and I have squeaked out a couple of stingy pool days.  Thank  goodness for the solar blanket and pool heater.  I’m hoping to squeeze out another two weeks of sun-time … We’ll see. 

Oh – and DH ran over to our neighbors, to return their beagles who went for a ‘walk about’.  Anyway – he caught a quick photo of their turkeys, who ‘gobble-gobble’ for all in the neighborhood to hear (I love it!) … One of these days – we’ll add chickens and turkeys to our homestead!  [This city-girl just needs to learn a few more things about raising healthy birds!]


As pups are still the big focus for us, we’re definitely hit and miss in the kitchen, with meals frequently supplemented by take-out.  But as the weather changes, I’ll open the recipe book up to some soups.  I’m excited about that aspect of losing summer, at least …

I’ll leave with a couple of adorable photos of our pups.  These boys are 8 and 7 wks old, love their outside romp-time and tolerate posing for the camera!  Winking smile  Here’s Andy and Jerry … Awwww! Smile

ted8wks jerry

Next up – 24 hours of nursing fun … G’night Y’all!

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