Darn Wings Anyway …

Wow – this elbow thing hurts!  The mutant limb aches from my thumb up to my bicep … So – it MUST be healing … RIGHT?!?  Grrrr …

A measly few items from the studio to share, as I have spent much more time with the Netflix, AMC and History channels … I am SOOO caught up with TV …    

 future-plate rainbow-night-light-shades future-crackle-project

ChloeTubbyThank goodness for my pups!  Everyone is up to date with immunizations, deworming’s and diet-advancing.  And, there is puppy-breath everywhere!  Chloe is learning her place in the pack ~ a demon amongst the Yorkie clan, but a mere mortal/snuggly pillow dreaming with the Neos …

lil-sis Lagatha-5wks

beef-jerkeyMy dehydrator is working night and day … I actually loved the beet-chips, all to myself! [Yeah, no one else would eat them …]  We’ve tried cucumber ‘paper’ (so MANDOLINE-wafer thin), fruit leathers and I’ve got a batch of teriyaki beef and pork marinating.

Since we are T-4 days from Christmas, DH and I need to get busy!!!  No idea what to buy, and completely limited with making STUFF … Yikes, I am totally feeling like Ebenezia (girl-style) Scrooge this year.  I’ve made  Chex-mix by the truck-loads – and I’m still not feeling the MAGIC … Darn busted wing!


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