Broken wing = moving slow

get-well-flowersBut, enjoying the moments!  From a studio standpoint, I can only push my right arm so far … So, it’s pre-cut busy work for me.  [And a promise to clean my studio … um, tomorrow!]  My sweet sister sent me this beautiful get-well bouquet of roses – so yes, I will clean my studio!


I’m keeping my kitchen busy with a couple of new toys (a dehydrator and mandoline ), along with some cookbooks.  I’ve threatened the family with beet chips … (I’m actually excited about the idea, but they’re all cringing!  They did love my beef and chicken jerky trials, though!)  Tonight we’ve got sweet potato slices cooking/drying … Oh – so much to try, and only one arm … Arghh!


chloe-cow-bellMy pups are all loving this ‘down time’ … We’ve added an adorable, slightly stubborn Bulldog beast to our clan (Chloe!); the Yorkie pups are growing and exploring (that’s Ajax and Lil Sis); and our Neo babies are so much fun to play with now.  Meanwhile, Chloe loves the Neos (both big and small), terrorizes the (adult) Yorkie crew and is only allowed to gaze upon the Yorkie babies – for now.

AjaxLilSis   blk-male

Yep, life is good!  And, I’m certain SOMEONE in my family will be excited about their homemade (beet/yam chip trail-mix) Christmas present … Winking smile

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