Good Times – because I have a sailboat and a fat pad …

anterior-fat-padOn x-ray, that is … Which means I have a fractured arm …Yep, good times!

Full of grace and good manners, we went to a retired-fuser’s home this week to see what she was selling. After the decision was made to purchase her kiln, grinder, and various glass/accessories, I decided to trip and fall, busting one arm and seriously spraining the opposite hand.


brised-broken-armSo, lucky me … I have some unexpected free time … and no usable hands to cut/fuse glass at the moment! Grrr!!!

Finding the positive: We do have lots of adorable pups to play with. And, I’m told purple/blue/red is my color …

tawny-male tawny-female

With some help from DH, I was able to make my first-ever ‘Turkey Carcass’ soup – which was a blend of 5-6 different recipes.  It includes some of my favorite soup veggies, along with left-over mashed potatoes, gravy, a bit of yogurt – and we cooked with leeks for the first time … Good Stuff!


Lastly, a special ‘shout out’ to Chelsea from Kansas … as our 600th Etsy sale, we’re sending out a snowman ornament along with her order.  Thank You, Chelsea!

CHS thank you

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