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Arrgghh–the Broken Wing strikes again!

Cooped-up, grateful, somber and reflective (… as we roll into the New Year with it’s mandatory RESOLUTIONS) = TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS! I just watched an interesting piece on millennials.  As the parents of four such off-spring, my husband and… Read More

Broken-Wing Christmas 2016 …

AND … that’s a wrap ~ with no packages actually wrapped!  It will officially be known as the ‘2016 Gift Bag Christmas!’ … But SHE’s done, and officially underway … Santa has visited with all ‘HIS’ magical Christmas BAGS; the fridge is… Read More

Darn Wings Anyway …

Wow – this elbow thing hurts!  The mutant limb aches from my thumb up to my bicep … So – it MUST be healing … RIGHT?!?  Grrrr … A measly few items from the studio to share, as I have spent much… Read More

Broken wing = moving slow

But, enjoying the moments!  From a studio standpoint, I can only push my right arm so far … So, it’s pre-cut busy work for me.  [And a promise to clean my studio … um, tomorrow!]  My sweet sister sent me this beautiful… Read More

Good Times – because I have a sailboat and a fat pad …

On x-ray, that is … Which means I have a fractured arm …Yep, good times! Full of grace and good manners, we went to a retired-fuser’s home this week to see what she was selling. After the decision was made to purchase… Read More