Arrgghh–the Broken Wing strikes again!

Cooped-up, grateful, somber and reflective (… as we roll into the New Year with it’s mandatory RESOLUTIONS) = TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!


I just watched an interesting piece on millennials.  As the parents of four such off-spring, my husband and I have often discussed, argued and compromised on the best approach to raise healthy individuals in today’s environment.  After this year’s family gathering, upcoming outings and events, and a long stretch of alone time at the grinding station in my studio tonight … I’m feeling … well …  Hell – I don’t know what I’m feeling … but here’s what is tumbling around in my ‘melon’ …

I’ve always known our oldest would be OK – just like I will always be OK.  We’re strong, we can roll with the punches, pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, and keep movin’ on … She is beautiful, successful and steady.  The key is finding a partner to balance things, someone to make you stop and enjoy the process, and forge a life of fulfilled contentment (i.e. happiness), who also leaves you feeling proud and complete – and LOVED!

My youngest daughter is the dreamer, idealist.  Her thoughts and whims change with Michigan’s hourly climate, and she is the most vocal (verbose – in a LOVING way) of our clan.  She is smart, beautiful and sees the good in people … more like my sister than me.  I fear for her innate trust, and have tried to use my nursing background to make her [female] wary and wise.  She, too, will do well in choosing a self-supporting career – which has been stressed to ALL of my kids, but maybe pushed a wee bit more with my girls …


My oldest son continues to amaze (and confuse) me.  He’s handsome, smart and certain of his opinions.  I will admit, as a female with no brothers, I’ve always looked at my boys with wonder and a touch of bewilderment.  I’ve rarely been able to look at the boys and know the dialogue streaming behind their eyes … Not like my girls – who have keenly expressed every thought and emotion through their telling faces and expressive eye-rolls [which I could interpret from my own development] …  My hope for my oldest boy is that he is fulfilled and content (i.e. – HAPPY)!

And, my youngest – my baby boy!  So handsome and charming … and deceptive.  He, too, is smart – but currently choosing not to commit the time and energy to successfully navigate upper education/career development.  He is so caught in the moment of conquering the moment, that he’s messing with the well-laid foundation for adult success that we provided/outlined/expect … In other words, he’s so busy making ‘time’ with his superfluous female ‘friends’, he’s going to flunk himself right out of scholarship money and school.  And this tough-love/ER nurse/Mama-bear doesn’t now how to help him start thinking with the right his head!

In the meantime, I love my family!  I’m enjoying all of my four-legged clan.  I’ve made some beautiful glass ornaments and spoon rests today.  I’m certain my elbow is healing – as it’s down to a gnawing, ever-present dull ache, mostly … and I will continue to struggle with Simon’s words (dammit – my kids are 19-24 years old!) as we roll into this new president year!

chloe-12-wks  lil-sis-7-wks

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