Broken-Wing Christmas 2016 …

AND … that’s a wrap ~ with no packages actually wrapped!  It will officially be known as the ‘2016 Gift Bag Christmas!’ …


But SHE’s done, and officially underway … Santa has visited with all ‘HIS’ magical Christmas BAGS; the fridge is loaded with pre-prep food; I have this recipe all set to go into the crock-pot; And my youngest daughter DESTROYED my kitchen to make 48 mega-frosted cupcakes (… WTH – who eats cupcakes in this house??? …) [Seasonal Joy!!! and 2 hours of kitchen-clean-up! … ALL BETTER!!!] …chloe-cowbell


We ‘entertained’ 9 strangers in our home this pre-holiday – while prepping for THE EVENT … And, ‘Lil’ Chloe-Cow-Bell is now all gung-ho to enjoy her first Christmas ever ….

Merry Christmas to All … and to ALL a Good NightWinking smile

merry christmas to all

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