I Cooked My Butt Off …

So, we had some family out … Our first-borns (daughter and son) and our new(-ish) son-in-law.  It was a great visit!  I thoroughly enjoy listening to their journeys, tasks, accomplishments and obstacles.  They are amazing young people.  (BTW – our youngest [the Twins] are too, it just makes my life a bit easier to divide and conquer! …  So – next visit will be with JUST THEM!)  We had a great time tonight.  20211007_152345

While we were unable to enjoy pool time this week, as the 75+ degree heat promised by Michigan meteorologists did not hold true for the last few days … It did give DH and me time to prep food, prepare spaces and create a good environment. 

I picked flowers from our garden for a beautiful centerpiece … I’ve planted flowers for years – but have not ever made arrangements with them … WTH?  WHY NOT?!?  DOH!!!

We slow cooked meats (rabbit and chicken) … I will share photos – but you need to understand, nothing you see will equate to how amazing our Teriyaki-marinated meats were …

20211007_180639    20211007_180656

I didn’t take photos, but THIS girl loves her some vegetables … including coleslaw and ‘vegetable medley’ – which, for this meal meant cauliflower, carrots and chayote.  My first born has not liked vegetables since she was 8-9 months old.  But she tried them tonight.  Did she love them – NOPE, NOT YET!  But we’re still working on it.  They were beautiful and amazing vegetables (… and, nope – no photos)!!!

Our baby girl does like salad.  We made an AWESOME Strawberry Spinach Pecan Feta Balsamic salad (link to the recipe … because IT IS TRUELY AMAZING), and THIS GIRL (YEAH, me again) FIRMLY believes Balsamic vinegar has been recalled from nursing use as SMELLING SALTS … (YUCK!) … But this salad is SOO GOOD!!


20211008_015216And … Yep!!!  An official success in the books for me.  I’m learning to enjoy the moments – so I did tonight.  Grandma T is finally teaching me – it doesn’t have to be all about Martha Stewart.  I can reach a compromise … And STILL MAKE KICK-ASZZZZ FOOD!

Hoping for a pool day tomorrow – or maybe early next week.  Keep on Dreamin’ Folks!  HUGS!!!!

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