He Really Only Had One Job To DO …

And, honestly – isn’t that typical!?!  Doh!!!  20210901_160755

But we did it!  We got a farming task ‘under our belts’ …

I believe our SKOS birds had their best life.  Wednesday afternoon, they peacefully – Met Nirvana; Played in the sandbox in the sky; Found joy … and, Joined My Freezer.

Reflecting back, it’s not undo-able, should we decide to go again.  DH had the major daily upkeep (moving them to fresh grass, keeping up with their never-ending supply of feed, moving them to fresh grass, refilling water – and then, moving them to fresh grass again!).  My job was to talk with them whenever I could.

Then came processing day …

 20210901_161127 20210901_173352 20210901_160739 (2)

The goal behind this endeavor was for sustainability.  I think it was a win.  I have other ideas for sustainability, but with DH, it has to be one step at a time … Rabbits ONLY when he is READY!

20210901_204031So … We put up 10 healthy, processed birds.  We did say a prayer to help guide us into the best frame of mind to perform these tasks … It was not emotionally heartless – but, we were able to do the job that needed doing …. And, as DH so lovingly put it, ‘We have to, they will break their own legs if we don’t’ … At the end of the day, we added 60 pounds of meat to our freezer, while joining the ranks of other self-sustainable folks!!!

Because everything can be used:  I have 4 quarts of bone broth added to our stash … and, the extra bits were repurposed for dog treats … NOTHING goes to waste!

20210901_201121 20210902_193227 

Tonight we had our first (home grown) rotisserie dinner.  It was a lot of hard work.  Our dinner was good.  We can be sustainable!


Ending with pretty photos from the garden.  I love sunflowers, zinnias and dahlias … Oh MY …

20210903_180204  20210903_174626  20210903_17460220210903_174546

Next up, piglets!!!  (Maybe …)

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