I’m Pretty Sure It Was Retribution …

But – only time will tell …

On Thursday, or was it Friday(?) of my vacation days … DH loaded me into the car – in the wee hours of the early AM, drove me up to Algonac, and arranged to have my  shoulder SHOT full of [POISON] … Umm, health-saving Covid vaccine!

Two weeks later, my left bicep is still PUMPED!  No, please, Arnold … Don’t touch it!  It hurts!

He SAID he did this to help me …

But, weeks later – I’m pretty sure I understand now what it was …

I’ve ordered all the necessary bits for hydroponics, a potter’s wheel – AND, a GREENHOUSE!  I’m fairly certain anything DH has done this week or last was all about being ANGRY!!!

The great news … I am currently suffering endless RUQ pain … Gall bladder, BUGGER!?! …  Not vomiting yet, but I think it’s coming!  DH win?!?  DOH!!!

Only time will tell …

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