When You’re Happy & you Know it …

AND I am!  I’ve started the long-list project of turning my old studio into a ceramic studio, clearing out a large (which now will be 8 foot long x 7 foot tall x 2.5 foot deep – THIS is the BEFORE photo) area in our ‘storage’ basement for hydroponic growing; reorganizing the mini-closet/tanning bed space for smaller hydroponic systems); cooking, harvesting from the garden and making chamomile tea for the first time; planning future building projects [due to our ‘debut’ rabbit meal – I opted for teriyaki as I felt it would be safer … DH is SOLD!] … But first – the basement renovation/repurposing/cleaning photos, including new molds to create ‘medallions’ for my future ceramic coffee mugs:

studio curtains 20210818_224009 20210818_224140 20210818_224039 20210818_224828

20210818_224104What will be the larger hydroponic space, and gathering seeds to grow, along with the smaller hydroponic units.

I’m happy also – BECAUSE after 6 days of living with limited modern-day necessities [umm, I mean ABSOLUTELY – First World CONVENIENCES!] … We have electricity!  (ALRIGHT! – we got it back late Monday, but … ER nursing weekend, crashing hard, etc. …)  All I can say is: [1] I’m so pleased we have the generator we have (not a WHOLE house, but it gets the job done!); [2] I’m SOOOO glad it was just me, DH and the non-human crew (NO CHILDREN – that was always a nightmare, and we never had to endure SIX DAYS without power when the kids were young); [3] POOL TIME, warm temperatures and the remainder of Swamp Juice – I mean SANGRIA – helped us get through any ROUGH TIMES!

20210818_225113 20210818_224132

20210812_201216So – YAY … ELECTRICITY!!!  I’m so happy!

Here is the promised Hasenpfeffer photo (No – it does NOT look like an INFANT!  DH, stop saying that!), with our garden-grown new potatoes, what’s left from some of our chamomile tea (love it), bread machine zucchini bread (NOPE! We won’t be making it that way again!) …And tonight’s herbal harvest:

20210812_201251 20210812_201224 20210811_23281120210818_193602

Leaving with a quick photo of My SKOS … who eat AROUND THE CLOCK and thoroughly LOVE meal-time, are moving (=being moved!) within their mobile coop 3-4 times a day now (for greener pastures/fresh grass) – and growing quite nicely, while still taking their own sweet time to grow feathers …


PS – Sorry Lara … He LOVES it!  😉

PPS – no potter’s wheel yet [I ordered it 16 days ago!!!], meanwhile –  all the other supplies keep ROLLING in!!

PPPS – Apologies for the crazy ‘stream of consciousness’/difficult-to-follow post … I’m trying to clean out/prepare several areas at once, while keeping up with all other mandatory daily/SUMMER tasks! … Swamp juice, anyone??? …  🙂

PPPPS – I DO realize Hassenpfeffer is actually a stew, with onion/gravy sauce … HOWEVER, when dealing with someone with ‘sensitivities’ – code words HELP!!!  Just sayin’  … Hugs Y’all!

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