DH is a happy camper!  Our Corned Beef Soup is amazing, and he has officially requested that it be added to our Recipe Book.


Meanwhile, I am crocheting the ‘fast hats’ … here is another ‘Rainbow Plum’ to add to our growing display.  I feel like we have a ‘Baby’ hat, now a ‘Mama’ hat … So I am working on a ‘Daddy’ hat … We will see if it fits DH’s head – and if he likes it …

20210306_034359   20210306_034230

I played a bit with the Gel Press, and inks and stencils … I like what I created, but at the same time, I feel like they look like paper packs … Happy, but … NOT!

           20210305_210802 20210305_210822

We have recently sprayed Hot Lips with the Blue Kote spray … I now have TWO girls being picked on … Good LORD – We avoided adding a ROOSTER to the mix for this VERY SAME REASON … HELP, please!!!

It’s time to head back to work … time to bob-and-weave around the Covid-Folks … Have a great weekend, Y’all.  Snuggle up with your family!!!

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