Umm, Still Learning …

With a Twist! 

I am staying on top of my work duties:  Dogs, email, nursing, cooking, family … 

I’m also keeping on top of the Ladies … Poor Miss Hannigan is being picked on – So we have ‘Blue Kote’ to try to help her.  I’m still trying to figure this chicken hierarchy out … It’s confusing.,

I’ve been cooking … Egg salad, BLT’s, coleslaw, but I’m most excited about our next endeavor – a cream based soup with loads of veggies and CORNED BEEF!  We can do this! … Go Irish, go!!!

And if it fails, we’ve always got the St John’s Fish Fry for Friday … I do so love tapping into our Catholic roots…

I may have succumbed to some Covid Cabin Fever – MY APOLOGIES TO MY FAMILY,  but, I am back … I got this!  Strong and ready!

And, I’m making cards, while crocheting … and getting ready for another glass fusing fest!  So, I am  back! 

(I understand – it’s all crochet, the next card project I want to do requires a few missing tools – ON  THE WAY!) … 




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