Rough Week, But Ends Well –

I think.  (I hope!!!)  It started out very promising – I received an order of new ornament and plant-stake molds, and I couldn’t wait to play with them.  Especially that unicorn and paw print …


plantstake-molds  my-favorites

But THENNNNN … My keyboard started acting up.  DH bought a new one, which worked for a day or so and then the computer took a turn.  Having experienced a hard crash with loss of photos and files before, I didn’t want to risk it again.  So, I’ve spent the last few external-HDdays copying all pertinent files/programs to a WD Book (external hard drive) and then loading them on to a new computer.  Thursday was the worst as my back-up plug-in keyboard wasn’t working, so I was using the on-screen keyboard to mouse click my way through emails, messages and command prompts …GRRR!


HPEnvyDesktopEarly Friday was spent in frustration trying to load programs that I had on the hard drive, with limited success.  DH and I were talking about being too old for this, and possibly needing to hire a younger/smarter brain for the job … FINALLY,  late Friday night I realized I could download the programs I wanted again from my (saved and transferred downloaded [DUH!] zip files) …  Yes!!!  Corel, MS Office and  Photoshop are now up and running on the new PC!  Along with my embedding hack (which worked) for our camera system and this blogging software (Live Writer).  Yay!!!  Now to work on the plotters and printers – but that’ll wait for next week!  I’m done!!!

Time to prepare for an ER weekend of fun!  I’ll leave with a couple of photos of the Ladies loving yogurt for the first time (in a melon bowl)!  That’s Daisy, Tosh, Eleanor, Jack-Jack in the first photo.  You can see KFC and Hot Lips in the 2nd picture, coated with yogurt, looking like they’re about to kiss!  Smile  BTW – Miss Hannigan (our easter egger – not seen in the photos, though) is laying her green eggs again!  Yay!!!  Have a great weekend Y’all! 

ladies-yogurt  loving-yogurt

PS – They do not love (or even like) butternut squash … Will keep trying!

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