So Fortunate!!!

My Friday started on a scary note … DH came into the studio, said ‘Hi!’, talked for a bit – and then saw all my burn-ables (flyers, packaging, cardboard boxes, junk mail) – and carted them away.  [So, HYPOTHETICALLY, maybe we have always (like 18+ years) burned our combustible trash, as MAYBE we pay for ‘dumpster’ pick-up loads … It MIGHT just be a country thing!]  Moving on … Our day started like so many of our other days.  I was creating spread-sheets, collecting tax data – moving along … But then, he yells out – LOUDLY(!!!!) … “COME HERE KRISSY, WE HAVE A FIRE!!!”  What … WTF did you just say?!? …

Fortunately, we were able to put that fire out, but not before it ‘caught’ to some weeds and brush …  IT’S OUT!!!  No One Was Hurt!  But, I put 3+ DECADES of yearly hospital FIRE-SAFETY training to good use  … Sweet Baby Jesus!!!  Something DH has been doing for most of our married life … Just, Oh … Oh My Gawwwsh!!!  [NO photos … No Proof!]  {PS – so maybe – if it even happened, it was only his barn, my studio, the LADIES, and my garden at risk … a football field away from the house – HYPOTHETICALLY … BUT – DAM*!!!}

DH took a moment (or 30), I took a moment (or 60) … Once heart rates normalized, we met back up in our coop.  The Ladies – ALL OF THEM(!) laid an egg for us … First Time Ever! Ten chicken ladies – ten eggs!  Wow!!!  My Ladies are AMAZING!!! [Or PYROMANIACS ... ???]


And, then … through our evening talks … DH threw out that I should have a larger monitor for my computer systems/cameras … ‘Like 32 inches – or whatever we have in the den …”  What?  What did you say, Love?  A bigger computer screen?!?  ABSOLUTELY!!! 

So, in the same day that we MIGHT have burned our homestead down – while each and every one of our Ladies gave up an egg for us … DH went out at 10pm at night to buy a BIG ASZZZ monitor for me … OMGosh!!!20210320_010654

Yep, BLESSED and FORTUNATE!!!  And, feeling every ounce of it!

[PS – disregard the top of my desk … we are pulling TAX SEASON together – Gah!!!]  I have no idea whether I was productive in the studio this week.  I’m just feeling fortunately blessed!  [And, tax season is LOOMING! … But I didn’t just say that out loud!] … Hugs to Y’all … Have a great weekend!

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