Struggle … Yep – that bus is REAL!

So, I’m trying to embrace all things I’m supposed to be embracing.  Meanwhile, dark, depressive thoughts keep springing up.  I AM OKAY!  I’m just trying to figure some sh*t out.  I am Ukrainian by birth.  Muchly disregarded by the birth mother, but I always felt that pull!  However, at this time – it is not my fight.  I have enough to keep my head and hands busy!

Dude, I am totally ok.  I’m a nurse, and I’m not currently nursing.  I’m on sabbatical … I’m keeping myself sane.  Go, Me!!!

Meanwhile, I have fun photos to share.  And, I’m cleaning the studio, planning for new fused glass, working out some card ideas, while I feed my chickens and bunnies.  We’re supposed to grow by pigs or goats this year.  I’m excited – and waiting for more words from DH!

Here are some cards I made …

20220308_181812 20220304_183608

And some ceramics …



20220225_111728  Christmas with my Dad …  And, I’ll leave with our hydroponic mega-salad with bok-choy and greens … Yeah, baby!


And … I think the greenhouse build is a GO for this YEAR!  Yay!

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