Back On Track …

Lots to share!  (Yep, the picture post I talked about…)  I’m so excited.  Our garden is producing:  Oh Summer, I love you!!!

           20210809_144758  20210809_144422  20210809_144451 

We have Cornish chickens (meat chickens) …  So, hear me out.  I researched and grew into this phase, FOR A WHILE – on my OWN.  One video I watched described them as a “Special Kind Of Stupid” … That sentiment warmed my heart – Just Enough … to buy all the dispatching supplies, feed, 10 chicks, and talk DH into expanding on the premise of growing our own food.  They are cute, in a less-than-elegant sort of way.  They do not have individual names, but are collectively called ‘My SKOS’ … or MaaSscowwzzZ – when I’m talking with them, uhm – daily …

 20210809_154131 20210807_19060320210803_164333

I know it sounds bad, but listen (… LINDA!)… I’m taking steps to learn about being sustainable.  NOT “End-of-the-World-as-we-Know-IT  PREPPER-style” … but, Sustainable-ISH.  Add the SKOS to my 10 books on learning/mastering/foraging herbal food/remedies; Along with my next endeavor (hydroponics) – supplies in transit; Smash it all up with my longer range plan (this April) of adding a few pigs (assuming DH and I survive THIS farming step) … And, next year’s garden is going to be EPIC!!!   I’m focusing on SUSTAINABLE!  WHILE transferring my inner farm-person from DH (who was reared in a farming family) to me …

20210809_153118And – I’ve acquired a new hobby.  One that makes sense, really.  CERAMICS … it uses many of the same materials I have/have acquired over the years.  I’ve read books, watched videos, ordered supplies … Yep.  I’m ready – watch out GHOST, I’m moving in!

I’m now enjoying vacation – with Swamp Juice … YUM!  I’ve officially decided it will be served at my wake!  Winking smile  And, other good food abounds (DH fell in love with tonight’s side of Hummus made with fresh parsley … and served with cucumbers from the garden)! 

20210807_163900        20210807_165241


Our Garden – is doing great!  We’re having repeat issues with vine borers and squash bugs this year (no pumpkins, limited zucchini/squash and the cucumbers are SUFFERING!) – which ticks me off immensely.  But, I’m hoping to overcome that with my INDOOR GARDEN!!! [Uh yeah … HYDROPONICS!!!!]

20210809_143739 20210809_143730 20210809_144534


And lastly – the Ladies … we cleaned out their yard, scraping up TOO many layers of – lets just call it COMPOST.  So, now they’re enjoying their fresh multi-layered sand run.  Daily snacks of tomatoes, corn, borage leaves, radish (leaves – they don’t like the ‘fruit’), melons, bok choi, the occasional earth worm, and scratch … well sure, along with their pellets and their egg shells.  I’d say they are happy girls!  And with 7-10 eggs per day, so am I.

Happy Anniversary/Happy Summer Ya’ll!!!!  [HUGS & <3]


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