MiA …

But I’m back.  I’m sorry.  I’m doing the best that I can.  The nursing toll is feeling heavy this year.  Add to it: Mandatory competency deadlines; another level of hot flashes; and T-8 days until Christmas … OMGosh!

Got through my birthday, Thanksgiving, figuring our pottery kiln problem, annual work competencies … And here I am.  Add the stressors of Christmas countdown, Covid surge number 86 – along with increased volume, acuity and overnight HOLDS in our free-standing ER; Growing our farm, daily chores and maintenance, on top of what HAS GOT TO BE the LAST level of menopausal power-ups [PLEASE?!?] … I’m struggling.  But it’s all good.  We have also been moving forward.

And the rest will be covered via photos … 

We have bunnies … Meet Babs and Thumper, so cute!  They are 3 months old now and  acclimating well …  We hope to add a male for them soon.  Meanwhile, they are adjusting to us – while getting used to daily treats of carrot, spinach, melons, cucumber and alfalfa.  I think they might just love me …

babs thumper

TWD-zombie-lungWe worked our way through a kiln issue and finally fired our first (and second – in the kiln as I type) batch of ceramic pots.  Live and learn is the message of the week!  And we are learning … But, check out that Walking Dead/Zombie Lung interior we created … Dang!!!

clay-pots pottery glaze-3

glaze-4 glazed-pots glazed-2 

We are throwing ‘pots’ – gaining knowledge to control clay on the potter’s wheel daily.  Again, DH has more innate skill, and patience – than I do.  But, I have better glaze-dunking abilities (… so yeah, he’s still ‘beating’ me …) … Smile


hydroponic-wk4My hydroponic plants are growing … Here is a quick photo of our dutch bucket cucumbers, doing AMAZING!

Ava-Disco-BallWe’re keeping up with animal upkeep.  We cleaned out the chicken coop today, while DH has added a disco ball to the ladies run … Right?!?  Because EVERYONE needs a disco ball!!!

new-cardAnd my latest card, trying to wrap up gift making in time for Christmas.  We Can Do This!!!

Oh, BTW – DH told me that our oldest wants to host Christmas.  As he and I were just discussing the long list  of hurdles and challenges of meeting that deadline (hosting here), baby girl comes through!  Yes, please!!!

Meanwhile, on the ER nurse front – I continue to bob-&-weave through covid patients, sick patients and the influx of volume met with holiday-season staffing challenges … as best as I can.  Good Golly, this STINKS!

And, my latest trick in the hot flash/menopause department has added palpitations and dizziness on top of igniting my whole body in internal heat/flames.  Cool!!!

Finally, DH and I have eaten well … so many good recipes, great soups and awesome meals have been created. [No photos, but amazing food!]  Will do better with updates, I hope!

Merry Christmas, peace and hugs ya’ll!

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