Goodness …

If this works, we will have some 26+ vegetable, fruit and herb plants growing in our basement this winter.  SWEET – I am so excited to see how this rolls out!


20211026_204940Meanwhile, DH is pleased with the hydroponic space, too.  But, he did say to me, “This is interfering with my ceramic time …”  Doh – DUDE, you are so easy!  Wait until that green house arrives!!! Winking smile

It’s taken a bit of doing, but all things worth-while do take a smidge of time.  My ceramic studio is up and running.  The hydroponic basement is ready to move forward.  I have some 122+ plant-starts in their water medium, as of tonight.  AND – we have barley fodder growing.   Why?!?  Because – Oh My GOODNESS – the chickens will LOVE IT (supposedly) … as will the rabbits(!) … and pigs(!) …

sprouted-barley1   barley_fodder_1

Oops … getting ahead of myself again.  Speaking of which – DH is supposed to be building a nursery … AKA the  (rabbit) hutchery.  We’ve talked about this … Bunnies this year, pigs coming Spring 2022 …

Self sustainability … I still love the idea!!!  And, we’re slowly taking steps to make it more real!!!

Peace and <3, Ya’ll!!!

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