Harvest Fest, Blood Moon and Puppies …

We were at Harvest Fest in Brighton this Saturday.  A great day – with beautiful weather, lots of folks and too little sleep for me. (Note the frumpy, less-than-welcoming, pained look on the face of ‘the artist’ in the corner … oops!)  Still, a great show for us … and I’ll work on my facial expressions!


lunar-eclipse-09-27-2015Then, I shifted into nurse-gear.  I worked gloriously LONG shifts on Saturday and Sunday nights (with a short 5 hour nap in between) and ‘enjoyed’ the Blood Moon – with all it’s effects on patients and staff through Sunday/Monday.  Busy lunar shift (!) – that’s all I’m going to say …

So, now it is the wee hours of Tuesday morning.  I’ve had a proper coma/sleep (14 hours – as both DH and I succumbed to the Twins’ snot nose/sore throat viral-crud).  And, I have cute pup pictures to share.  The Neo pups will be moving on to their new homes this week.  Sad smile  And, the Yorkie pups will move out of their current ‘den’ and into the rest of the house.  Here are photos of Eva & Mellie (Amelia), and Atlas & Gus … all in need of ear trimming and taping due to teething (which causes their ears to droop).  Love my babies!


Eva-&-Mellie   Atlas-&-Gus

I hope to squeeze in some studio time this week – to at least start cleaning up the ‘detonated-bomb-mess’ that I make in preparing for a show … And then I can get busy with special requests and prepping for the next show (Arts & Greens at Bogie Lake) … Ready, set – GO!!!

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