Learning patience …

Or trying to, anyway.  We’re waiting for some supplies to come in.  Like a crate of Bullseye glass (they had a sale – what can I say?) and some stainless steel sheeting.  [DH is going to make a vit speed pot for me!]  Then we can really play with the vitrigraph kiln.  So much so, that I’ve asked DH to create an easy break* (modified arbor press) for making quick work out of the murrini cane. I KNOW!!! Super exciting stuff.  But for now, we wait!   *Kind of like this one, but tweaked a wee bit.  Photo credit: hobbyglass.com

BE glass packstainless-steel-sheets-250x250chopper

Which is ok.  I’m getting cabochons cut and fire polished, pendants drilled/epoxied and assembled.  All while I’m trialing my bail findings to make sure they hold up to not-so-gentle daily wear (and they are!) …

cloud-cabs  fritrini-pendants-2-17

In between, we’re romping with our four-legged crew.  We also continue to teach Chloe some manners (who is napping here – with her tongue hanging out) … Manners are hard work!  Smile


WWU:  Made it through my first weekend back to work.  Volume wasn’t bad.  Acuity got a little nutty there when a very large patient had to be pulled out of a private vehicle, all blue and ‘over-dosey’ … But the elbow held up and after making me work for it, my pt was pink and sassy when I ended my shift!  So – my broken wing is healing, I just have to wait for it!!!

Next up – I think I’m just about ready to play with some pattern bars … oh my!


2 Comments on “Learning patience …”

  1. How did you modify your arbor press? I just got a vitrigraph kiln. My DH welds, he’s making me a stand. I found a used arbor press on an auction site and knowing I will need a way to cut the murrini, I am tempted to bid…can you post or PM me a pic, or an idea of how you modified yours? Thanks much


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