Patiently learning …

DH made the vit pot for me, so we can use square glass in it, instead of cutting circles for clay pots.  Much easier to prep and load, but the stainless steel pot has it’s own learning curve.  Add to it, I still have a bunch to learn regarding my color choices for a vitrigraph cane pull!

muddy-cane   my-own-vit-pot

I thought I chose well (wisely?) – making certain I wasn’t mixing glasses that don’t playchose poorly well together (sulfur, lead or copper-bearing).  I thought a nice gray/red/white color palette would look wonderful.  I mixed in transparents and opals.  Then we took that metal pot (with that transparent red) to 1600 degrees.  And, I was less than pleased as we were pulling yard after yard of ‘MUD’ … Duhhhh!  “You chose poorly!”

vit-stack cane

We stopped the kiln after pulling down to muddy brown stringer, thinking we were close to empty … Nope.  This is what came out of the cooled down pot (- it’s about an inch thick).  Hmmm … Yep, lots to learn!


So, I’ll pick my next stack of colors with a few more parameters added … and we’ll try again tomorrow.  In the meantime – Chloe loves belly rubs from DH (no, she really does!)!


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