Our 2nd Vit pull …

mary butternutAnd dinner.  First (and most important) – we made our favorite cold weather soup (Acorn squash soup)!  But this time, we used a butternut squash.  Yep – just one – cuz it was just that big (- and from my Mother-in-law’s abandoned garden … from November!)  It changed the flavor a bit – but nothing a touch of buttermilk and half-&-half couldn’t overcome!


And then I tried this recipe.  So easy, and so much better than I remember in my youth.  I went with the nutmeg (not sure that I’m a fan) and added some ground mustard.  I’ll play with it a bit – but it sure is promising!


20170201_181224So, on to our 2nd vitrigraph kiln pull.  Much better consistency – once we elevated our clay pot and opened up the hole (both in the pot and in the kiln floor).  Here were my color choices:


And this is what we got … some 21 feet in cane.  Most of it (to my eye) in a camo-color … Not my first choice for an Object D’art … but a learning lesson, for sure!


I officially head back to work in … 2 DAYS.  I’m excited.  No – really, I am.  Someone please remind me of that about 20 minutes after I get to work on Saturday.  (We’re in the middle of a renovation … Those TOTALLY stink when you’re trying to work through them!)

totally stinks

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