We Did It!!!

vit-set-upWe set our (4th) kiln up and had our first vitrigraph cane pull!  Yahoo!!! [So, yeah … it’s THAT kiln, the vitrigraph kiln … Which will forever be called ‘She Who Causes Broken Wing’ … I ❤ her!]

We still have a lot of fine tuning to do – but – I’m happy!  Definitely having issue with temperature control and flow from the pot (- according to the readings on the manual pyrometer, we were dancing between 1550-1725 degrees) … Our cane never did ‘pull’ as easy as the Bullseye video demo.  I’m thinking our crucible needs to have a larger opening … We’ll see.


And, while I had my stack all nice, layered and round within the pot – we didn’t have much luck with simple concentric cane.  But – I LOVE these colors!!!  And – DH can’t complain, cuz I didn’t spend any (additional) money for this experiment (… YET)!  HAHA!  Smile


1 Comments on “We Did It!!!”

  1. Congratulations! Best thing I did for myself was to buy a square bottomless stainless steel vitrigraph pot from Bonny Doon (Laurie Spray).
    A lot of time saved and no additional scrap glass cutting squares.

    In my kiln I pull murrini between 1450 and 150. There is another FB group called Vitrigraoh Support or something like that.

    Your colors were beautiful.

    I have my first project on my blog bstiverson.wordpress.com

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