Still Learning …


We had another vitrigraph pull this week … We’ve got a nice variety of cane going – while we continue to learn what to do and what not to do!  Now, if SOMEONE would just finish making my cane-chopper!


sesame-seedsI played with a few recipes, too.  We made tahini – which gives our 25+ year old food processor a big work out!  [Wedding gift!]  We used the tahini for our first batch of hummus.  Yum!  THEN, this city girl cooked beets for the first time.  Wow!  I screamed a bit when I pulled the pan out of the oven and unwrapped them from their aluminum foil cocoons  – as the splatter/spray of red hit … creating a ‘crime scene’ look to my stove top and walls! Winking smile  But, I love the beet hummus we made!  Next up, I’ll be cooking eggplant to try my hand at Baba Ganoush!!! (Oh, yeah – DH is nervous!)  To keep the less-adventurous members of my family happy, I made a pot of Sausage Bean soup

beets-chickpeas  sausage-bean-soup

Coming up:  I’m slowly gearing up to try a kiln-combing.  So, I bought ‘full arm’ leather/welding gloves.  Combined with my leather apron and DH’s face shield – I should be (kiln) safe and quite sexy!  [Don’t look for modeling photos any time soon!]


WWU:  My elbow is still on the mend – she lets me know when I’ve pushed too hard, or I’ve reached the end of a 12 hour ER shift … My coworkers are taking it easy on me, letting me spend time in triage.  So, I’ll leave with this advice:  If you feel compelled to ask your triage nurse three (or more) times ‘if you should just go home’ [without being seen], maybe you should listen to your inner voice … [#whyareyouhere, #shortestERvisitever]

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