Still kickin’ …

sandblasting-funWhile not quite healthy, I’m not dead either … so, I’m playing in the studio, as I mentally prepare for another fun-filled ER nurse weekend tour.  Sandblasting, earrings and kumi – oh my!

We had a request for an etched wine bottle, and I had an idea (peace signs and wine names); It’s that time of year, so I was compelled to make some pumpkin earrings; and I’ve gathered the requested colors for two sunshine/warm climate bracelets:


autumn-earrings     kumi-requested-colors

Here’s a quick pic of my current view from the kitchen … Gotta love Michigan trees in the Fall!


And, I’ll leave with a cute picture of GusGus (AKA Guster).  He’s from Cally’s litter and he is a wee one.  Little man weighs in at 1# 3oz at almost 3 months old.  Presently, he is my never-out-of-sight side-kick.  While he THINKS he’s a big man – it just ain’t true.  Cute Lil Bugger!


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