I still have 7 days …

before our show.  So, ya know, not panicking … I’m too busy making, making and playing!  Will I get it all done?  NOPE!  It’s ok!

Here’s what we’ve got:

I’ve started a tapestry trial; My crackle bowl with color reactions; I made my own mylar stencils, as I was getting frustrated with powder wafers.  (Had to run it through my plotter 5 times! But, I got it!!!)  So now I have a few TMNT ornaments to fire …

tapesty-trial  crackle-bowl 

my-mylar-stencil   tmnt-ornaments-compromise

And, DH has been playing, too.  His take on embossed thinfire (he painted both sides!)and new torch cabs …

dh-embossing-trial torch-play

When I need a break, I work on a chain maille bracelet – niobium wire in a barrel weave pattern.  No time to panic!  Winking smile  Next up – a bit of weekend ER nursing fun …


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