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Someday …

I may just write a book … full of bizarre ER stories – so insane, that no one will believe them … But in the meantime, I’ll just shake my head and marvel at what people do and say … I’m getting… Read More

Good Cop/Bad Cop … AKA WWU

While I had many patients this weekend – some sweet, cute and/or overall pleasant – I also took part in the care of an out-of-control teenage behavioral-medicine patient … Of course, that’s the one that won’t leave my head.  Very sad.  Due… Read More

WWU … gotta love those full moon weekends

While I was struggling with 20-somethings and difficult people this weekend … folks were tearing up the internet pages at Etsy … apparently Christmas shopping has begun!  Which is very cool.  I will try to focus on that – in the back… Read More

Happy Anniversary … again!

This week marks the one year ‘anniversary’ of my blog … Wow!  What a difference a year can bring.  Lots of changes, good times and bad, but overall … Life is Good!  What will the next 365 days bring? WWU (Weekend Wrap… Read More

It’s Potty Time … AKA Weekend Wrap-Up

Managed to get through the weekend with limited pain from the patients of Easy Rider.  Did have a few memorable moments … this one sums it up best, I think: A 6 foot, “220 pound” (mmhmn, yeah – and I weigh 120… Read More

Here it comes …

The other summer weekend I’ve been dreading … Easy Rider and Melonfest – both on the same weekend.  What are they?  Reasons for people to gather en-mass, drink too much, fight each other and come to the ER.  And, in the case… Read More

A comparison … (AKA Weekend wrap up)

Recently saw PBR (Professional Bull Riding) for the first time … My Golly!  Those guys can handle some pain!  It’s insane, what they endure in the name of making a living … But, we could all learn a thing or two from… Read More

Weekend wrap up … Bum!

Didn’t make it to work this weekend … so no whining to be done. Hold on a second – I can always whine about something.  I know, I can share a ‘reserve’ story … You know you’re a momma’s boy if:  You’re… Read More

To every thing … (AKA weekend wrap up)

there is a season … Time to move on?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I really don’t like change, but … Had a few interesting things come up (out?) this weekend:  Delivered our first baby in our ER.  Yep, in the middle of… Read More

Welcome home and weekend wrap-up

The twins came home from camp … missed us so much they took 10 steps in the door, dropped their laundry and ‘stuff’ in the middle of the entry and plopped down on the couch in front of the TV … Are… Read More