(WWU) Because not everyone reads the rule book …

We got to actually save a life this past weekend.  He was much too young and totally didn’t understand that his heart was NOT supposed to do THAT!  But it’s all good now, and our team did what was needed.  Pretty cool stuff!


girl-aging-cycleAnd, I had dinner with the (grade school) girls this week.  Always a good time, and amazing to see how our three lives move along on similar but different paths as we grow and … age.  Smile

cooking-the-booksWe (DH and I) are jump-starting on our taxes this year, as we pushed that procrastination envelope just a bit too far for my liking last year.  So, in between fun in the studio, playing with pooches and family time – we’re  “cooking the books” … in the legal sense.

Here’s what cooking in the studio:  Store listings, making some fun jewelry bits and playing with a DVD jewelry technique …

new-2015-night-lights    playing-with-frits

donut-necklaces    TV-scenic-layering

I’ll wrap these up and decide what project comes next, while we roll into this next ER nursing weekend … who else hasn’t read the rule book?


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