Tinkering …

Cuz – I can.  I’m on vacation.  No – we’re not going anywhere.  But I’m taking a much-needed break from (ER) work…

We’ve had a beautiful SUN day.  DH shared his plans to build a deck on the pond …


My dad has a birthday coming up … 71 years young.  So, I made a card.  And then, I ordered a gift card to fill it (to replace the ‘Amazon’ card) and some prints of our GANG – so he has new photos of his canine grand-kids!

dad-bday The-gang

And, I’m working on some dichro cabs, for an order.


I hope to straighten up and (re-)organize the studio, make some great food, and maybe have a vit pull or two …

Either way, I’m on VACATION!!! Smile

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