Finally some pulling …

I cut some glass for a few vitrigraph pulls.  Tonight we did an aqua pull.  Here’s the stack, and the murrini results.

90-turq-stack-6-14 aqua-murrini

90-beige-stack-6-14I also plan to do a repeat coe90 beige pull.  And I’m trying to recreate the coe96 Carnival pull, but in coe90 colors … We’ll see how well I did mixing the lead and sulfur glasses – hopefully I have enough protective (safe) colors surrounding them … Otherwise, we’ll have a lovely [NOT] mud-colored batch of murrini cane…

96-stack      90-carnival-trial


I’m still working out what colors/color-mixes to create in coe96.  And, I’m making baby-step progress towards our long awaited coe96 pink stack … I have some pastel pink and maybe a bit of transparent pink to add, as well.   It feels good to play with glass again!

Leaving with a pretty sunset photo DH caught the other day.   I love summer-time!


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