Kicking around ideas …

Because – ideas are free … Smile I’m thinking about starting my own site, with domain name and yearly webhosting costs … and of course, new business cards – but not until I decide on whether or not I’ll proceed with my own site/address …

But, I was playing with a banner (for another site … if you’re curious) in the wee hours of this morning (yeah – insomnia!) … and I really like it – so here it is.  I would modify this a bit for a business card, but – you get the idea …


And … the new Delphi catalog came today … ohhh, I could spend money there!  But I’m not, I’m just drooling on the pages [for now] … Smile

While my kiln is cooling, I’m converting and downloading books for our trip – which is finally coming up!  I sooo can’t wait to go someplace warm, as I watch it snow while typing this!

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